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1.apna home hospitality services LLP company give only Franchise to grow our business in legal way according to all law of constitution
2.i CLEARIFY THAT the hotel room is safe and secure all hotel room are spike camera free in case of hotel room present a spy camera it is illegal so hotel owner check the  room properly daily company team check the room so please check hotel room properly by staff it is illegal
3.after give Franchise hotel front colour is white
4.if our hotel in religious place liquor and nonveg in hotel banned
5.hotel give 32 persentage discount for student idcard and private limited company person minimum charge of hotel is 1000 and give discount on 1000 and hotel charges above according to FACILITY it's offer only for hotel and religious place hotel
6.Resort can give 25 peesentage discount according to our charge
7.primium room for family room rate start 1400 and above according to facility 2 adult and 2 child
8.Hotel work in illegal work it's responsible hotel owner
9 .I will pay service charge monthly total room entry multiply by the charge of per entry that charge can be up and down according to market
When you give a room above 2 people  must in a same gender and in a closed family members does not full fill condition give seprate room
11.The room charge is minimum 1000 and above according to facility
12. must follow all legal protocols dont issue room below age 18
13. Hour base room charge forulma 1 to 2 hours room charge =charge of room per day divided by 24 and multiple by 15 = charge of that hour room. 2 to 5 hour room charge =charge of room per day divided by 24 multiply by 17 = room of charge that hour
14.charge of 3 adult formula =charge of without discount divided by 2 and multiple by 2.66 = charge 3 adult. Chage of 4 adult =charge or room without discount divided by 2 and multiple by 3.25 = charge 4 adult  minimum charge is without discount 1000 and above according to facility
15.i have read all term and conditions